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Javed Akhtar calls to end azaan on loudspeakers, says it causes discomfort to others

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Javed Akhtar Calls For End To Azaan On Loudspeakers; Says 'causes Discomfort To Others'


Farhan Akhtar SPEAKS On Javed Akhtar's ‘Burqa’ Ban Comment

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Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar Celebrate HOLI 2019

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Watch Javed Akhtar's BEST REACTION to 'Sanju'


Exclusive: Javed Akhtar on Faiz's poem #HumDekhenge

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JAVED AKHTAR Debuted As Lyricist With 'Silsila'

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Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi cancel Pakistan visit


Javed Akhtar Tweets Just 'M'; Flummoxed Netizens Respond With Entire English Alphabet


ओवैसी पार्टी ने Javed Akhtar पर कसा तंज कहा- 'नही हैं मुसलमान कहलाने के लायक'


FIR Lodged Against Javed Akhtar For His Comments On Tahir Hussain’s Arrest


'Like father like son' is the perfect caption for this picture of Javed Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar posted by Shabana Azmi

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अजान के ट्वीट को लेकर Javed Akhtar हुए ट्रोल, गीतकार ने भी दिया करार जवाब

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Anupam Kher and Javed Akhtar share last memories with Rishi Kapoor in New York

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Coronavirus: Javed Akhtar's IPRS provides financial support to over 3000 music composers, authors

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After Namastey London, Javed Akhtar to collaborate with Himmesh Reshammiya for Namastey Rome


Farhan Akhtar Reacts To Javed Akhtar's ‘Burqa’ Ban Comment | LehrenTV

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Javed Akhtar debuts on Instagram. Wife Shabana Azmi welcomes him: Finally you are here

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Farhan Akhtar: Feel proud that Javed Akhtar is my father

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Farhan Akhtar Talks About Javed Akhtar's 'Zanjeer' Movie Rights Issue

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