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14th State Science Congress to begin today at Vigyan Dham

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PM Narendra Modi To Inaugurate 107th Indian Science Congress on GKVK Campus in Bengaluru

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PM Narendra Modi Speech || PM Modi Addresses Indian Science Congress in Bengaluru || Sakshi TV

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Indian Science Congress में PM Modi बोले- रिसर्च के क्षेत्र में भारत की रैंकिंग बढ़ी (IndiaTV News)


Jalandhar पहुंचे PM Modi, Indian Science Congress का किया उद्घाटन

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PM Modi & CM BSY Felicitated By Gifting A Momento At 107th Indian Science Congress in GKVK

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PM Modi ने Indian Science Congress के Session में Single use plastic पर Scientists से खास Appeal की


The Times of India - TOI Newswrap: Innovate, patent, produce and prosper, says PM Narendra Modi at 107th Indian Science Congress


'May Indian Science Continues To Thrive,' Says PM Modi On National Science Day


14th State Science & Technology Congress starts in Doon

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TWTW: Cyrus Broacha talks to Vedic aviation experts over Indian Science Congress controversy


PM Modi inaugurates 106th Indian Science Congress | पीएम मोदी ने दिया देश को ये नया नारा

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PM Modi inaugurates 106th Indian Science Congress | दुनिया को हमारी ताकत का पता चल रहा है

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107th INDIA SCIENCE CONGRESS 2020 | News In Science

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PM Modi inaugurates 106th Indian Science Congress | न्यू इंडिया को न्यू इयर की बधाई देने का अंदाज़

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PM Modi inaugurates 106th Indian Science Congress | अब वक्त आ गया है भारत फिर दुनिया को लीड करे

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Science flourishes when left free, says Nobel laureate Stefan Hell

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PM Narendra Modi salutes country's scientists on National Science Day


No limit to excel in science, says CNR Rao

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National Child Science Congress | Minister Indrakaran Reddy Attends | at Hyderabad

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