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Yeddyurappa is still a rustic and short tempered politician

Yeddyurappa is still a rustic and short tempered politician

Accordingly many leaders, on getting plum political posts, allow themselves to undergo an image makeover. Yeddyurappa has not succumbed to this temptation. The leader who hardly shows any expression in public is frequently surrounded by motormouths. However, the Lingayat strongman does not indulge in making hate speeches to please the gallery. Despite having many political rivals who use personal details to run down their rivals, Yeddyurappa rarely indulges in mudslinging.

Meanwhile in his first stint as chief minister, he proved to be a disaster because of his reckless behaviour. Now, Yediyurappa seems to have mastered the art of being vigilant and restrained. He was not very considerate towards RSS/BJP workers when he was chief minister between 2008 and 2011. This time around, he is a changed man. Immediately after assuming power, he catered to the RSS and previously taken decisions like banning Tipu Jayanti from government programmes. But, he has not shown much inclination to change the course of governance by bringing reforms into state administration. He unabashedly displays his Lingayat identity and the party secretly relishes it.

Moreover with his birthday celebrations around the corner, Yeddyurappa suddenly began hearing murmurs in the state party circles that his second son, BY Vijayendra (first son, BY raghavendra is a partymp from Shivamogga) was controlling the government. This one must be a gratifying for Yeddyurappa. At least, this can point to Vijayendra getting ready to take to the big stage. In the recent by-polls, Vijayendra proved his potential and achieved an impossible task.

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