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Yamaha MT-15 vs KTM 125 Duke: Real-World Numbers Comparison

Acceleration, fuel efficiency and other real-world figures compared!

Yamaha MT-15 vs KTM 125 Duke: Real-World Numbers Comparison

There’s never been a better time to be a beginner motorcyclist. From fully-faired offerings to streetnakeds, there is everything for everyone. That said if you want a motorcycle of the latter category, you have two good options to choose from - the Yamaha MT-15 and the KTM 125 Duke. But with just Rs 6,000 separating them, what are you better off with? We’ve thoroughly tested both the bikes and have compared their real-world numbers to find out.

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Acceleration -

Yamaha MT-15

KTM 125 Duke


155cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with VVT

124.7cc, Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled


19.3PS at 10,000rpm

14.5PS at 9250rpm


14.7N, at 8500rpm

12Nm at 8000rpm




Yamaha MT-15

KTM 125 Duke


4.21 seconds

5.65 seconds


12.08 seconds

17.25 seconds

Top speed (tested)



The Yamaha MT-15 packs the same engine as its faired cousin, the YZF-R15. This gives it a distinct power advantage over the baby Duke, and it shows. In terms of 0-60kmph runs, the MT is 1.44 seconds faster than the 125 Duke. When it comes to 0-100kmph runs, the performance gap is further demonstrated, with the Duke lagging behind the MT by more than 5 seconds! This could be attributed to the fact that the MT is 10kg lighter than the Duke.

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Roll-ons -

Yamaha MT-15

KTM 125 Duke


5.31 seconds

7.09 seconds


6.48 seconds

9.23 seconds

Both motorcycles are street-friendly, urban-focused machines and both motorcycles do a decent job of carrying out swift overtaking manoeuvres and zipping past traffic. However, thanks to its 14.7Nm of torque, the MT-15 is quicker in both 30-70kmph and 40-80kmph roll-ons. Not to mention, with the added benefit of VVA, the MT also gets a decent amount of low-end grunt without compromising on top-end performance, thus making it perfect for city runabouts.

Braking -

Yamaha MT-15

KTM 125 Duke







Both the Yamaha MT-15 and the KTM 125 Duke get single-channel ABS as standard. Even the braking hardware is closely matched, which is shown in the numbers above. However, it is the MT that offers better bite, lever feel and progression. Even the ABS intervention on the two is quite different, as explained by the numbers.

Fuel efficiency -

Yamaha MT-15

KTM 125 Duke







A smaller capacity engine should result in better fuel efficiency, right? Well, that’s not the case here. The Yamaha MT-15 is more frugal than the 125 Duke in the city. This is due to the fact that the KTM’s engine requires to be revved in order to extract any sort of performance, which is sure to dampen its efficiency. Thanks to Variable Valve Timing, you don’t have to compromise on low to mid-range performance for top-end performance in the MT15. Even the engine remains stress-free in most cases, thus enhancing fuel efficiency.

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