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Wood Green cinema fire: Firefighters evacuate London cinema as they tackle huge blaze

A HUGE fire has broken out at a Vue cinema in Wood Green in north London.

The inferno appears to be coming from the Hollywood sign on the building’s roof.

Cinema-goers have been evacuated and firefighters are tackling the blaze.

Witnesses took to social media to share pictures and videos of the fire.

A huge fire has broken out at a Vue cinema in Wood Green in north London (Image: TWITTER)

One person tweeted: “The Vue cinema jn Wood Green is on fire. Seems to be the roof / Hollywood sign. Fire Brigade seem to have it under control. Junction with Lordship Lane blocked off, buses & other vehicles turning around.”

Another said: “Passing our local cinema and looked like people were being evacuated then I saw the fire. Fire brigade were on there way hopefully this doesn’t become too serious #WoodGreen #vue.”

A third wrote: Daughters first visit to the cinema. To see Frozen. Had in diary for months. Cinema on fire.... Fair to say she's not impressed.”

Another said: “Our local cinema is on fire. Hope all okay, good cinema too.”

A fifth tweeted: “If you’re travelling to the Spurs match through Wood Green, you may wish to amend your journey. Fire at Vue cinema leading to road closure.”

One more wrote: “Local cinema on fire, diverted on bus!”

More to follow.

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