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Why does the whole world consider number 13 as wretch? Deep secret revealed

Although the numbers have special importance in our life, but people around the world have a different view of the number 13…

Why does the whole world consider number 13 as wretch?  Deep secret revealed
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Sydney: Although numbers have a special significance in our life, but people around the world have a different perspective on number 13. Actually number 13 is considered very inauspicious around the world. The reason for this is hardly known, but now the mystery behind it has been revealed. There are many reasons behind the number 13 being a wretched number. In western countries, there is an atmosphere of fear towards number 13. If you know the reason behind this, then perhaps you will also be afraid of number 13. This is why people in the world started making distance from this number.

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Symbol of betrayal

According to reports, Jesus was betrayed by a man on the 13th. The man was having dinner with Jesus Christ. The person was sitting on the number 13 chair, since then people consider this number as unfortunate. Psychologists have named this fear of 13 points as triskaidecaphobia or thirteen digit phobia. People became afraid of this number that they made a distance from it.

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Fear of number 13 abroad

If you go abroad and you do not find any room or any building of number 13 in a hotel, then you understand that the owner of the hotel considers number 13 to be inauspicious. Some people do not like having a room number 13 in a hotel at all. There are some people who do not even like to eat at the number 13 table. People of France believe that it is not right to have 13 chairs on the dining table. The use of number 13 is also avoided in many Oprah houses in Italy.

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Effect of number 13 in India

People in India consider number 13 to be very inauspicious. Chandigarh, called the city of dreams, is considered the most planned city in the country. It used to be the city of dreams of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. But there is no Sector 13 in this city. The architect who made the map of this city did not make the number 13 sector, because he considered this number to be inauspicious.

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Number 13 ties with Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Atal Bihari Vajpayee also had a deep connection with number 13. His government was only 13 days at first. After this, when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was sworn in again, he chose on the 13th but after that his government could only run for 13 months. He then took oath as Prime Minister of the 13th Lok Sabha on 13th with the support of 13 parties. But 13 of them had to face defeat although people consider it as a coincidence.

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