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Who is the girl who raised the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad, know BJP connection?

In Bangalore, a college student publicly chanted 'Pakistan Zindabad' at an event organized by AIMIM against CAA and NRC. Listening to the slogan, everyone present in the assembly was stunned. During the same period, the party supremo and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi was also present. It is clear in the video of this incident that Owaisi himself, upon hearing this slogan, comes straight from his seat and tries to snatch the mike from the girl, many more people come. Owaisi later denies the girl as crazy. But the biggest question, who is this girl? How did this program reach and does it have any relationship with any political party?

Who is the girl who raised the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad, know BJP connection?
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The girl's name is Amulya Leona. Aged 19 and is said to be a BA student at NMKRV College, Bengaluru. She presents herself as a student activist and also holds a good hold in social media. According to the news, the student's father is also in politics, even he has been a member of BJP and Janata Dal Secular in the past.  The biggest thing is that Father Vazi Noronha has also expressed grief over this act of the daughter.

According to reports, the father had tried to convince Amulya several times, and advised to avoid such inflammatory statements. He also called this statement completely wrong and shameful. Father, she was in the company of some Muslim women, and had attended the event with them.

Such a big event, it was to be conducted in Owaisi's assembly. The Bangalore Police has sent the accused student in custody and sent them to jail, and sedition cases have been registered against him.  The BJP and other Hinduist organizations have opened a front against Owaisi for this incident, while Owaisi has dismissed the girl as mad and in love with the country.

Earlier in some parts of Kashmir, there was news of such Narrows, or hoisting of Pakistani flags, but in other parts of the country, shouting slogans like this from Khulayam Public Forum is probably the first incident.  As a citizen we have  full right to support or oppose the CAA and NRC or any law , but the sovereignty of the nation cannot be questioned.  What do you think, do tell us your opinion and please follow us too -

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mango man

what about gujratis chanting america zindabad???

1 Months ago


he is hindu girl .so many public say let her finish his speak .if he been Muslim girl same should guys threat him no against him.u guys r not indian u r based by religion Hinduism shame on u guys who support like this.

1 Months ago


America Zindabad pe koi issue nahi hai , tab desh dhrohi ka Izam nahi lagaya gaya wah double standard

1 Months ago

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