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Weight loss: Here's how Barley water can help shed kilos

Weight loss: Here's how Barley water can help shed kilos

31 Jul 2019

Weight loss is a long term process.

You need to make the right dietary and lifestyle choices, and follow them consistently to get in shape.

In case you feel you have tried everything but to no avail- know that Barley, a fiber-rich grain, can help.

Here is how Barley water can help you lose weight.

Barley: Nutritional value


Barley is a storehouse of nutrition. A half-cup serving (96 calories) of cooked barley pearls carry the following nutritional value: Fat: 1 gm, Carbohydrates: 22 gm, Protein: 2 gm, Dietary Fiber: 3 gm, Sodium: 2 mg, Niacin: 2 mg, Manganese: 1 mg.

Some health benefits of Barley water


Low calorie count: When soaked in water and strained, the calorie count of Barley drops down considerably.

Filling nature: Barley is packed with fiber, which is known to keep you full, thus helping you avoid unnecessary snacking and leading to weight loss.

Improved digestion: The fiber in barley promotes smoother bowel movement, thus aiding in better digestion and contributing to weight loss.

How to prepare Barley water for weight loss


Boil some barley pearls until they turn soft.

Next, strain and collect the water.

If you don't like it plain, you can add a dash of orange or lemon juice to it.

You could also add some ginger or a cinnamon stick for flavor.

For sake of sweetness, add one tablespoon of brown sugar.

Store the barley water in refrigerator before consumption.

Other handy diet tips for weight loss

Other tips

Although drinks like Barley water can aid in weight loss, they can't drastically reduce kilos. Hence, here are other handy diet tips for weight loss:

1) Include more and more of fiber and protein in your diet.

2) Reduce your intake of sugar and alcohol.

3) Eat slowly and at regular intervals.

4) Avoid unhealthy snacks.

5) Always stay hydrated.

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