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Today's Horoscope -- Daily Horoscope for Monday, August 19, 2019

Roll up your sleeves as the workload will be high at the workplace. You will be making great progress at all levels and will be reaching out to a fresh horizon.

You may face difficulties in completing your ongoing projects. Some discussion with seniors may bring misunderstanding. Trading in stocks must be avoided today.

This is not the right time to make any important decision regarding your family issues. A misunderstanding during the business meeting may trigger problems.

Better communication with loved ones shall see you through all these hardships. Your social life would be good. Those in politics and social work should take a quick decision.

You will move in several different directions at the same time and that, too, practically at the speed of light. A joyous spirit is in the air.

Meritorious deeds will be amply rewarded and friends will have a positive influence. Gains in lotteries and gambling are likely. Business proposals may get approvals.

You will be expanding your scope of interests/ work in several directions. Family life and health will be stable today. You must save some money if you gain extra profits in your business.

You have a strong need to assert yourself and to strengthen your position, and that will give you powerful energy at work. Your creativity will help you gain progress.

Choice or necessity will make you more discerning about who your friends and companions are. You will become more concerned with health and wellbeing.

Opportunities related to rewards, recognition, offers and promotions may surround you. Your social circle would expand and you will have a chance to meet extraordinary people.

Be careful to keep your energy at a high vibration, which means operating from a positive, not negative standpoint. Keep company with people who are optimistic about life.

Major work of your project or any important meeting has to be attended today to get success. Your positive nature will help you to gain your confidence back on track at workplace.

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