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This warrior saved Hinduism from coming to an end, his name is...

This warrior saved Hinduism from coming to an end, his name is...
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Maharaja Vikramaditya has been considered the best king in the history of India. He made India a golden bird and brought the golden period. Today this country and its culture exists only due to Vikramaditya. Ashok Maurya had adopted Buddhism and ruled for 25 years as a Buddhist. In India, then Sanatana religion had come to an end. There should be Buddhist and Jain in the country. Had gone. Books like Ramayana and Mahabharata were lost when Maharaja Vikram discovered and established them again.

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Maharaja Vikramaditya did not save only religion, he made the country financially a golden bird. His rule is called the Golden Raj of India. During the time of Vikramaditya, foreign cloth of India was bought by the weight of gold. There was so much gold in India that during the Vikramaditya period gold coins used to run.

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Hindu calendar has also been established by Vikramaditya. Today whatever astrological calculations like Hindi Samvat, Var, Tithis, Rashi, Nakshatra, Transit etc. are composed of him. He was a very powerful & intelligent king. Now what do you say about this article guys? Let me know your answers & opinion in the below comment box.

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The Rock

i am proud of this writer becoz he is from Pakistan. I know he just want to divide and his name is chutiyaaaaaa

6 Months ago


And Mongolians who became Mughals destroyed India

5 Months ago

Syed Zubair423

yeh bewakhof author don't know history

5 Months ago

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