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This beautiful actress reads the Quran despite not being a Muslim !

This beautiful actress reads the Quran despite not being a Muslim !
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Hello friends and welcome, yes friends, you have read right in the title. Friends, there are many such people. Those who respect both Muslim and Hinduism very much, and do every thing of both religions. Which is considered virtuous. But there are very few such people. Those who believe both religions as their own, and hardly read books of both religions, then today we are going to tell you about one such beautiful actress. Despite not being a Muslim, she reads the Quran, so let's know. Who is that actress?

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Friends, we are talking about the famous actress of the TV world, Samiksha Singh. Review Singh started his career in modeling. After which he again got a chance to make a place among the audience from television, and today it became a big star, and for your information, let me tell you that the review Singh has told in his interview, that I am often I keep reading Gita and Quran. Because I get a different message every time I read them. This gives me a perspective. It is such things. Which a person does not learn from his experience.

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holy Quran for every human being ,must read It..justifying equality,(no difference between brahmin and dalit or harizan)humanity, peace,justice ,unity in worship etc.believing only one God.

2 Months ago

Alberto dal rihno

mashaallaha allaha give hidayat

2 Months ago


great respect all religion

2 Months ago

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