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This Hindu had entered Mecca , everyone was surprised to see what happened after entering

You must have heard about Mecca Medina, it is the holiest pilgrimage place for Muslims. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter Mecca. But what if we tell you that a Hindu also visited Mecca and that Hindu The name was Guru Nanak Dev ji.

This Hindu had entered Mecca , everyone was surprised to see what happened after entering
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Guru Nanak Dev ji traveled many places during his lifetime. Once Nanak Dev Ji reached Mecca City. He was accompanied by some Muslims. When he reached Mecca, the sun was setting. All the passengers were quite tired. The famous place of worship of Muslims in Mecca is Kaaba. Guru ji went to the Kaaba when tired at night.

Seeing his feet towards Kaaba, Jeon angrily said to Guru Ji, "Who are you Kafirs who have slept by footing towards the house of God?" On this, Nanak Dev ji said with great humility, I am tired of the whole day's journey here, I do not know where the house of God is, where you can hold our feet and go there, which is not the house of God.

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Jeon got angry after hearing Guru Ji's words and dragged his feet to the other side. After this, when he saw the feet leaving, he also saw the Kaaba on the same side. In this way, when he did the steps again on the other side, the Kaaba was seen moving around. Jion told this to Haji and Muslims.

Hearing this miracle, a large number of people gathered there. On seeing this, all the people were stunned and fell at the feet of Guru Nanak. They all apologized to Nanak Dev ji. When he started preparing to walk from there, the Kaaba pirs pleaded with Guru Nanak Dev ji and kept him as a standing sign.

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fake news not any evidence found in history except u

8 Months ago


Mecca is not god's house idiots it's all false made by Mohammed, it was first stone kept by Abraham to pray to God and then Moses was the last to built it but the person who taught every person on this earth about god was only 1 person who was son of God that person is been honest all of his life and never sinned ever until he died at the age of 33 he was crucified on the cross and his name is Jesus and he was the last prophet sent by god and he will come again.... Ameeeen

8 Months ago


The first lie we know is Guru Nanak was not a Hindu

8 Months ago

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