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Third Test: Wasim Akram's world record on Rohit's target, no one broke in 23 years!

Hello friends. Played between India and South Africa.Rohit Sharma scored a total of 303 runs in the first Test match, batting brilliantly. During this time, his bats hit a total of 13 sixes and became the world's number one batsman with the most sixes in a Test.

Third Test: Wasim Akram's world record on Rohit's target, no one broke in 23 years!
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Test against South Africa, he hit 6 sixes in the first innings of the first Test and 7 sixes in the second innings. Even though he has become the highest sixes batsman in a Test match. But he is still far away from the record for most sixes in a Test innings.

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The third and final Test of this Test series between the Indian team and South Africa will begin on October 19 at the Ranchi Stadium. According to Indian time, this match will start from 9:30 am. Rohit Sharma's target in the third Test has also reached a world record of Pakistani fanatic Wasim Akram. This record of Wasim Akram is unbreakable for years. Which no one has broken yet.

Maximum sixes in a Test innings: -

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Explain, the record of hitting the most sixes in a Test innings is in the name of Wasim Akram. The Pakistan pacer had hit a total of 12 sixes during a Test innings. In such a situation if Rohit Sharma hits more than 12 sixes during 1 innings of the third Test match. So he can make a world record.

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What do you think ? Will Rohit be able to do this feat? Please tell in the comment. Don't forget to follow.

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He did it already., now he's also highest six hitter in a Series and also In Test Championship👍., #RoSuperHitManSharma😘.....

1 Months ago


he will....

28 Days ago


yes he can

1 Months ago

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