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These five Bollywood heroes also made a lot of headlines by becoming villains

Whenever hero played the character of Villain in Bollywood, he also made a lot of headlines. Actors also experimented with their performances as well as looks when they played negative roles on the big screen. Whether it is Shahrukh Khan's 'Darr' role, Sanjay Dutt's 'Kancha China' and Ranveer Singh's 'Khilji' role. Know about five such actors of cinema, who earned a name in films, besides being heroes, as villains.

1.Shahrukh Khan

These five Bollywood heroes also made a lot of headlines by becoming villains
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Shahrukh Khan is the actor who played the villain character on the big screen besides the hero. Shahrukh started his career in 1992 with the film Deewana. He played a positive role in this film. After this, Shahrukh did many films like 'Darr', 'Baazigar', 'Anjam'. People were also in awe after seeing Shahrukh's performance. He played a negative role in all these films. After which he got recognition and today he is called King Khan of Bollywood. 

2.Sanjay Dutt

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Sanjay Dutt's name is also included in this list. He also did many such films in cinema, in which he played the role of villain and not hero. The name of one such film is 'Khalnayak'. The film was released in 1993. In this film, Sanjay's character left such an impression in the hearts of people that people still remember his role. Apart from 'Khalnayak', Sanjay surprised everyone with the role of Villain in films like 'Vaastav', 'Jung' and 'Musafir'. In all these films, his character Kancha played in the film 'Agneepath' was the latest. 

3. Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan has made people crazy about his acting by becoming hero in every film. But in 2006, Saif Ali Khan got a negative look. Saif surprised the audience by playing Langda Tyagi in the film 'Omkara'. Saif played the role of Villain in 'Rangoon' in 2017. 

4. Ranveer Singh

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The film 'Padmavat' proved to be a milestone in Ranveer Singh's career. This film proved that it is not only difficult to compete Ranveer Singh in Hindi cinema but it is impossible. In this film, Ranveer Singh played the role of Villain, not a hero. Ranveer played the character Alauddin Khilji. Apart from his looks, Ranveer also impressed the audience with his role as Alauddin. There was opposition before the release of the film and after its release the film wrote a new example of success at the box office. 

5. Akshay Kumar

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Actor Akshay Kumar also played a negative role in Bollywood besides hero. These films that play Akshay's villain are 'Ajnabee', 'Blue', 'Khiladi 420', 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 2' and '2.0'. In all these films, Akshay's acting was appreciated but his most dangerous look was seen in the film '2.0'. In this, Akshay played the role of Pakshirajan. 

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