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These 5 actors of Bollywood have become old before marriage, not be able to identify!

Today there are many heroines in Bollywood who have married and settled in their homes. Many of whom have become parents of children. In such a situation, today we will discuss with you those Bollywood actors. Those who started showing old before marriage.

These 5 actors of Bollywood have become old before marriage, not be able to identify!
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1. Akshay Khanna

Akshay Khanna, son of Bollywood's famous actor Vinod Khanna, has turned 44 years old. Those who have started looking old at such ages without marrying today. Those who have not made any plans for their wedding so far.

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2 . Shadab Khan

Shadab Khan, son of Bollywood's Gabbar actor Amjad Khan, has also turned 45 today. Who has done films like Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat, Refugee and Betabi. In the pictures you can see yourself that Shadeb Khan looks completely old today without marrying.

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3. Uday Chopra

Uday Chopra, son of Yash Chopra, who starred in a superhit film like Dhoom, has also turned 47 today. Whoever is getting old looks badly before getting married today.

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4. Harman Baweja

The acting career of Harman Baweja, son of Bollywood's famous film maker Harry Baweja, was nothing special. Those who are not able to work with an elderly person only at the age of 38. Those who have not yet married.

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5. Salman Khan

Salman Khan of Bollywood Bhaijaan means Bollywood's most capable actor today. Those who are 54 years old today. At the same time, before the wedding, his face has started showing a lot of curiosity.

Which of these actors looks the most old. Please tell us your opinion by commenting.

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I think salman khan menhood is not function that is why he didnt have a wife till today

1 Months ago


how dare u say Salman is old.... still females die for a selfie with him ok.. he is not getting mariied becoz he is facing court issues in his life.. mind it.. and by the way Akshay Khanna is married.. google properly before u bark some rubbissh news

1 Months ago


all jokers

1 Months ago

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