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There is a dark meaning behind this love song: Vikram Bhatt on the second song from Ghost

There is a dark meaning behind this love song: Vikram Bhatt on the second song from Ghost

After the first song of his film went on to become a runaway hit, director Vikram Bhatt has released the second track from his soon to be released film Ghost. Titled Jalte Bujhtey, the song is a slow romantic track that will have you humming along as it makes its way into your playlist. Barely a day after the release, the song is already trending on Music platforms. Crooned by Aakanksha Sharma and composed by Arko, Jalte Bujhtey is picturized on Sanaya Irani and Shivam Bhaargava for Vikram's horror film Ghost. The film is gauranteed to will give you goosebumps and promises to be a thrilling edge of the seat thriller.

`Jalte Bujhtey is actually my favourite number from the film. I think romantic songs of longing, the songs where you're yearning for someone, are always the songs that people look forward to. It's like the quintessential hit that we have, like Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo. It's about a lover who cannot live without her but in the film it has got a very unique place because it actually becomes in a very supernatural way. There is a kind of dark meaning behind it also that the spirit is trying to say I'm not going to let you go, which is the scary part`, says Vikram Bhatt.

Vikram Bhatt shared that the idea of Ghost came to him when he read a newspaper article about how a British court allowed a matter involving spirits to be tried. He was intrigued and decided to channel his energy into this film.

Ghost, a Vashu Bhagnani production, directed by Vikram Bhatt starring Sanaya Irani and Shivam Bhaargava will release in cinemas on 18 October.

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