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There are only 4 stages of love, Check which one you are on

There are only 4 stages of love, Check which one you are on
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It is no secret that love is ambiguous and very unpredictable. However, all relationships have common features: all couples go through the same stages. There are only 4 stages of love. It is about them that we will tell today.

1. The period of romance.

At this stage of the relationship, we focus all attention exclusively on our halves. Moreover, during this period we seem to wear pink glasses, and it seems to us that our chosen ones are truly perfect and devoid of any flaws. It is not surprising that many call this period candy-bouquet, because it was at this time that our relationship was more romantic than ever.

2. The period of insight.

This stage begins with the fact that we take off the very pink glasses and begin to look at the relationship and our companions more realistically. At this time, we find in them many qualities and habits that we have not noticed before. Not every pair of this period goes smoothly. Quarrels and disagreements are frequent, which can cause a break.

3. The period of stability.

Couples who manage to smooth out the conflicts that have arisen are gradually moving to the stage of stability. By this time, we already know perfectly well what our companions are, their character, habits, preferences. And the roles in the relationship are already clearly divided. However, despite the fact that this stage is smooth and calm, it also has a hidden threat: over time, our halves may get bored with us, since this stage is not new.

4. The period of work in a team.

We all know that it is impossible to build a strong and happy relationship if the lovers do not constitute a peculiar whole. Of course, everyone should have their own hobbies and personal space, however, the couple should act in the common interests, like a team with specific goals and desires. At this stage of the relationship, we can’t imagine our life without our loved ones, we fully share their worldview and are ready to provide the necessary support at any time. And most importantly - it is mutual!

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