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The most dangerous experiment done on humans by the Russian Government

Friends, today I'm going to tell you about a phenomenon in history that shook the whole world, a strange, inhuman experiment.

This terrible experiment by the Russian Army in 1940 was called 'Sleep Experiment'.

The most dangerous experiment done on humans by the Russian Government
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During World War II in 1940, the Russian Army arrested some German soldiers and took them captive. Russia's scientists planned a unique experiment on those soldiers. With this experiment, scientists wanted to know how long the man could live without sleeping and the poorly hunted German soldiers

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During the experiment they were locked in a chamber and inside of that chamber a strange gas was released. To keep an eye on them, the glass was used in the walls because then the cctv camera was not.

For two or three days all the soldiers locked in that room shouted shouting to come out, but after one week the movement of the room was closed, the scientists thought that they all would have died. But something else happened only.

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Third party image reference

After a few days, when the chamber was opened then it was all stunned to see what had happened inside. The soldiers locked inside the room had started eating their own meat and had left bones in their hands and feet and were doing very strange objection. They all were complaining that they should not be free and they should be kept in this room. Maybe they all happened because of that gas. This scene was terrible, but it was continued for more experimental days.

Friends, what would you say about this inhuman experiment?

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Most inhuman experiment ever. Human Beings are the most dangerous creatures on earth. This article is pathetic.

9 Months ago


the story is incomplete. don't post half added stories.

9 Months ago


Most inhuman is your bloody English. Get out of here.

9 Months ago

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