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The largest flower in the world was found in Indonesia

The largest flower in the world was seen in Indonesia. That's what some environmental scientists claim. Of course, it is a flower of the genus Rafflesia. So far, 28 varied and four unverified species of Rafflesia have been discovered on earth. One of the 28 species is 'Rafflesia tuan-mudae'. Scientists say the species is the flower found in Indonesia. Its diameter is 111 centimeters or three feet six inches.

The largest flower in the world was found in Indonesia
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Earlier, a flower Rafflesia was found in West Sumatra, Indonesia, with a diameter of 107 cm. That record also broke the flower this time. Rafflesia lasts only one week. Then it gets wasted. And those who have come close to this flower said that these flowers smell like rotten flesh.

The flower was named after Sir Stamford Raffles, a British colonial officer. He was the first Indonesian to find this flower in the 19th century. This flower is found in many countries in South Asia. A 100 cm diameter flower was found in the Philippines.

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