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The Apprentice’s Lord Sugar says he’s ‘sick and tired’ of ‘Brexit nonsense’ 

THE APPRENTICE returns tonight as viewers will see Lord Sugar search for a new business partner however, with the UK set to leave the EU on October 31, the businessman has revealed what he really thinks about Brexit.

Lord Sugar is best known for his show, The Apprentice, but he’s also known as one of the country’s most recognised businessman. Speaking at the launch for the new series of The Apprentice, he stated he was “sick and tired” of “Brexit nonsense”.

The 15th instalment of the BBC hit show kicks off tonight, which will see the sixteen candidates competing for Lord Sugar’s £250,000 business investment.

However, with Brexit approaching on the 31 October, the businessman has revealed what he really thinks of the current political climate.

Speaking to the press including Express.co.uk he said: “I couldn’t care less quite frankly. I know I should but I have to say, at 72 years of age, I’m sick and tired of this whole Brexit bloody nonsense.”

The response came after he heard of the news last week that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament was ruled illegal.

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The Apprentice’s Lord Sugar says he’s ‘sick and tired’ of ‘Brexit nonsense’ (Image: BBC)The Apprentice: Lord Sugar shared his opinion on Brexit recently (Image: BBC)

"I’m sick and tired of the manner in which the whole thing has been conducted. We are a farce, a laughing story for the rest of the world," he said.

On a positive note, Lord Sugar: “Something’s going to sort itself out. I hope that common sense prevails in the end.

“I have no opinion but that is a very interesting thing that it got ruled illegal so I wonder what more will happen from now on."

With his trusted aide Karren Brady beside him, she joked, “They’ll just go back and call it again,” while Claude Littner and Lord Sugar laughed at the comment.

The Apprentice: The boys complete first task in Cape town, South Africa (Image: BBC)The Apprentice: This year's contestants include a librarian, a chartered engineer and many other (Image: BBC)

The 72 year-old was also asked about whether he would ever follow the footsteps of US president Donald Trump who used to host the US version of the show and stand up for Prime Minister.

Surprised by the question, he responded: “Well the difference in this country is that you have to be a member of parliament first of all and voted to be the leader of your party by the members so there’s no chance.

“If your question is would I ever take the position, absolutely not.”

One thing for certain is fans won’t be seeing Lord Sugar as Prime Minister anytime soon.

The king of the boardroom will be seen doing what he does best, judging, hiring and firing candidates as this evening's show kicks off in Cape Town, South Africa.

Lord Sugar was asked about what can be expected of this year’s tasks and whether there has been a challenge in particular he wanted to add to the business show.

However, he highlighted that they weren’t very good ideas.

“I thought of one task that I put to the production people of kind of becoming a city trader because, sitting there buying and selling, buying and selling shares and all that type of stuff," he explained.

However, that apparently didn’t work out as “the truth of the matter is, is that it would make a very boring film”.

For Lord Sugar, the physical element of the show has always attracted young audiences who are interested in business together and provide them with inspiration.

“One of my favourite task is buying the 8 items or the 9 items,” he explained.

Viewers can expect to see the candidates travelling to Finland, going to Oxford and Cambridge to sell eight items and many more surprises.

The Apprentice returns tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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