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Sydney braces for downpour as firefighters rejoice

Pack your brolly NSW because the state is set for a drenching over the weekend, offering some much-needed reprieve for firefighters battling fires across northern NSW.

Bushfires in NSW and QLD a "disaster situation"

Sydney braces for downpour as firefighters rejoice

A disaster situation is unfolding across NSW and Queensland, with dozens of homes destroyed and one village utterly devastated by bushfires.

Firefighters battling the fires ravaging northern NSW could get some reprieve in coming days as conditions ease ahead of a drenching over the weekend.

The downpour, which is set to soak the east and south west coast of NSW from Friday, could be the heaviest since mid-September.

Light showers across the coastline and northern tablelands on Friday will ramp up on Saturday with the heaviest rain set to hit where it’s needed the most in northern NSW before skies clear on Monday.

The east coast of NSW is set for a drenching over the weekend. Source: BOMSource:Supplied

Most of the state will receive 5-10mm of rain but parts could receive up to 25mm of rain it will be the heaviest rainfall since September.

Temperatures will drop on Friday, hitting as low as 13 in Sydney before picking up slightly on Sunday with a top of 19 and a chance of rainfall.

Storms could also hit parts of NSW on Saturday — either aiding firefighters or spurring on fires if winds gain traction.

The wet weather could provide some relief for firefighters battling 31 fires across NSW provided it is heavy and consistent enough, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Rosemary Barr said.

Firefighters are battling a blaze near Rappville, south of Casino.Source:News Regional Media

“While we are expecting heightened shower activity across the state particularly across the north east — which is fantastic especially given the current fire activity — it’s worth being aware that shower patterns and resultant rainfall totals can vary.”

Easing winds and cooler temperatures will continue to aid hundreds of firefighters as they work on containing the blazes.

Already the softening conditions have seen marked improvements on the ground, with the biggest fire blazing across Rappville and Drake downgraded overnight to advice level.

Fire warnings are in place across parts of northern NSW as fires continue to burn. Up to 30 homes have been lost as bushfires ravaged parts of northern NSW on Tuesday. Photo: AAP/Jason O'BrienSource:AAP

440 firefighters are now battling the blazes — 60 less than yesterday.

“We are looking at favourable conditions across NSW in coming days particularly on the weekend with up to 50mm of rain reaching as far in hopefully as Tenterfield,” a spokesperson from the NSW Rural Fire Service said.

The improved weather conditions are set to keep fire danger ratings steady over the next while, according to the bureau.

While the rain will offer some reprieve for firefighters, consistent rain is needed to completely stifle the fires, according to the RFS.

With warmer conditions as high as the 30s set to hit the region next week, firefighters are bracing themselves for the week ahead.

“[The rain] will put a bit of calm in firefighter’s mind but we do know we’ve got some weeks of work ahead of us,” they said.

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