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Some interesting information about our body (part 1)

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Friends, today I am about to tell you some interesting facts about the body. You must read this news till the end, because then you will get the full information.

Some interesting information about our body (part 1)

Whenever you are shy or if you get excited or anxious for something then your face becomes red. This happens because at that time a type of hormone is released in our body, whose name is Adrenaline. This hormone produces a type of stress that causes the face to become red. That is why when you panic, your face turns red.


People can run long distances, but nowadays no one cares for their health. Earlier people used to spend long distances to catch their prey. This shows that humanity has always been able to move a long distance .


There are as much as hair on our body as in a normal chimpanzee. But our body hair is smaller than chimpanzee, which ordinary human eyes cannot see.


When you look at something carefully then the muscles of your eyes also feed themselves in the same way so that the item can be seen clearly. You may be surprised to know that everyday, our eyes muscles move million times.

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Mrs Babla

Good information. English could be improved

1 Years ago


Good data, try to upload hormonal structure and mechanisms 👍

1 Years ago


Qualitative information...[clap]

1 Years ago

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