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Shivaji Surathkal to present Ramesh Aravind Version 2.0, says director Akash Srivatsa

The film is the actor’s 101st project, which makes it all the more special, says the director.

Shivaji Surathkal to present Ramesh Aravind Version 2.0, says director Akash Srivatsa
Actor Ramesh Aravind

Editor-turned-director Akash Srivatsa is experiencing a fan moment as he gets an opportunity to direct Shivaji Surathkal - The Case of Ranagiri Rahasya for Ramesh Aravind, whom he considers his mentor. The film is the actor’s 101st project, which makes it all the more special, says the director.

The film is produced by Rekha KN and Anup Gowda, while the story has been written by the director along with Abhijith Y R. Ahead of the film’s release on February 21, Akash lists out the reasons that make the crime thriller worth a watch.

Ramesh Aravind Version 2.0

Shivaji Surathkal is Ramesh Aravind’s 101st film and for the actor, it is like reinventing the wheel. “For people who have been following his work, this film is definitely going to be a treat of a different kind,” says Akash, adding, “Both of us wanted this film to be a reinvention in terms of the way he is portrayed, the dialogue delivery. Whatever he has not tried to do in his 100 films, he has tried to do it through the character of Shivaji Surathkal.”

Having an animal as a co-star for the first time

Ramesh Aravind, who plays the role of an investigator in Shivaji Surathkal, will be seen with a pet dog on the screen. “It is a film for dog lovers and will connect with all the people who bond with their pets and consider them as a family. There is a strong element of animal emotion in this film. Secondly, Ramesh has never had a pet as co-star, and that will be something interesting to watch,” Akash says.

‘Audience will empathise with the character of Shivaji Surathkal’

Ramesh Aravind’s films always carry an emotional quotient and the best examples are Amrutha Varshini and America America. “As a director, I could not give that up, and emotions become a strong theme in Shivaji Surathkal,” says the director, adding, “The audience will connect with what Shivaji goes through, and will empathise with the character.”

Capturing Ranagiri

The visual treatment given to the film, with even the minute details taken care of, complements the story and gives a flow to the crime thriller. “The way Ranagiri has been captured at an unexplored location between Madikeri and Kerala, and the drone shots taken by cameraman Guruprasad MG, will set the frame from the very first scene,” reveals Akash.

Attention, please

The film is a psychological thriller and requires a story and screenplay that will hold the viewers’ attention from the beginning to the end. “They say devil lies in the details. If you look at your mobile phone and miss a scene, you will have to watch the film right from the beginning. The smallest possible details should not be ignored, and that’s the twist to the story of Shivaji Surathkal,” says Akash.

Rerecording by Judah Sandy and the soul of Shivaji Surathkal

The sound of the film will take the audience to Ranagiri, and will make them experience a 360-degree Dolby atmosphere in theatres, says Akash, adding, “The rerecording by Judah Sandy becomes the soul of Shivaji Surathkal. The film shifts through two time zones, and that may lead to jumps between visuals. But Judah has connected them very well, which helps in the smooth running of the film.”

Complete make-over for Ramesh Aravind

“There is a fan inside me who is trying to explore Ramesh Aravind to the maximum. I have tried to bring in a complete make-over for the senior actor, and create a different image from his previous films. This also blends with his dialogue delivery and body language,” says Akash, who has been working with the actor for 13 years.”I have observed Ramesh sir off-screen, and that helped me bring out a fresh feel in Shivaji Surathkal,” he explains.

‘Every actor will be established through their characters’

Akash has tried to bring out middle class values in Shivaji Surathkal. “The film has an ensemble set of actors, who mainly appear as characters. Be it Radhika Narayan to Aarohi Narayan, every actor will be established through their roles,” he says.

‘It’s a proud feeling to have come with a good product’

“Technically, a film has 24 departments. From the dubbing artistes and colourist to those handling sound mixing or special effects, every department has stood by me for Shivaji Surathkal,” says the director, who feels proud that the team has come up with a good product. “We are satisfied with our work and are confident that the film will be received well by the audience. This will be a special film for me and something I will look back later in my career with fondless,” says Akash.

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