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Sea foam eats up streets of Spanish town due to storm. Climate change is real, says Twitter

A scary video of sea foam engulfing the streets of a Spanish town due to a powerful storm is going viral.

Sea foam eats up streets of Spanish town due to storm. Climate change is real, says Twitter

Froth covers streets of Spain Photo: Twitter/reuters

A video of a town in Spain covered in frothy sea foam has gone viral on Twitter and it has left netizens questioning the alarming climate change crisis.

A powerful sea storm Gloria recently hit the eastern part of the country, causing immense wreckage, heavy rains, powerful winds and huge waves. And because of this marine foam started flooding the streets of the Spanish town, Tossa de Mar.

The video was shared on Twitter by Reuters and shows the town suffering because of the powerful storm. The clip shows the streets of the small town, situated near Barcelona, in Spain's Catalonia region, covered with frothy sea foam. The foam carpeted several streets, leaving hundreds of thousands stranded.

Watch the alarming clip here:

In the clip, one can see powerful waves entering the roads and carpeting the streets with white sea foam. The video left Twitterati scared, with many people pointing out that the event was not normal and that climate change is real. One Twitter user wrote, "This is not normal, we all need to act now."

Another commented, "The sea levels are rising all around the world and we are on the clock!"

Here’s what Twitter is saying:

According to a Reuters report because of the storms people were left without power and farms got flooded and were filled with saltwater, swallowing thousands of hectares of rice paddies. The storm has battered Spain for days, bringing heavy rainfall, high winds and power outages.

In fact, more than 100 roads in the country remained closed and tens of thousands of students were kept out of school because of the conditions.

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