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Scientifically Proven: Morning Sex Makes You More Productive

Do you prefer to sleep as long as possible in the morning? Understandable. Yet you do well to put your alarm clock a little earlier and certainly not snooze . Because sex would make you more productive than you think.

Mattress Advisor, a website that compares mattresses, has done research into the morning habits and productivity of almost 1,000 couples. What turned out? On productive days, love was practiced more often in the morning . Even more: about 53% of men and 45% of women were really convinced of the effect of morning sex .

There are two possible explanations for the phenomenon: on the one hand there are the sex hormones that could remain, even if the sex is over. On the other hand, physical activity lowers our stress level , which means that we can focus better.


Scientifically Proven: Morning Sex Makes You More Productive
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Even though the researchers are not yet sure what the cause and what the result is. Would we often have morning sex on productive days? Or are we becoming more productive of a game of morning sex? A classic story of the chicken and the egg. But actually it does not matter, because sex not only makes you more productive, it also increases your happiness and involvement in your relationship. Moreover, you would be more creative and be able to concentrate better . Who needs additional reasons?

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yes, it is true,am doing it for past 5 years.

1 Years ago

Rahul Das Gupta

different topic

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who dont have wives..how u suggest him

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