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Sanjay Dutt revealed, how did he spend money which he earn in jail

Sanjay Dutt revealed, how did he spend money which he earn in jail
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Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is very busy these days in the promotion of his upcoming film 'Panipat'. During the film promotion, Sanjay Dutt recently reached Kapil Sharma's show. Recently, Kapil Sharma has shared a promo of the show in which Sanjay Dutt was seen revealing about his past life.

Sanjay Dutt revealed

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Actually, Sanjay Dutt has returned to jail after serving his jail sentence shortly before which his biopic 'Sanju' was released. During the show itself, Kapil Sharma asked Sanjay Dutt how long it took him to learn the things inside the jail and whether it was necessary to work inside the jail?

After all, how did you spend money in jail

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Responding to this, Sanjay Dutt revealed that 'it is necessary to work to reduce the jail term. However, as the work is done in jail, it took some time to learn them. Regarding earning in jail, the actor told that he used to get 10 paise for making an envelope. He went on depositing the earned money in jail and spent them on rakhi to buy gifts for his sisters.

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This means Sanju Baba has spent his jail money to buy gifts for the sisters. Let us tell you that apart from Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Kapoor and actress Kriti Sanon are also in the lead role in the film 'Panipat'.

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