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Sachin Pilot predicts who will lose in Delhi election

Sachin Pilot predicts who will lose in Delhi election

Rajasthan Dy.CM Sachin Pilot knows who will lose the upcoming Delhi election and it is none other than the saffron party-BJP.Speaking at Jaipur Literature Festival(JLF), Pilot relied heavily at the voters thought process and said the people of India will do the right thing at appropriate time.

The government, Pilot said, is morally, constitutionally and socially bound to speak and reach out to people who feel alienated.Criticizing union government,Pilot said no political party is involved in the current uprising and no one is going to hold the hand of the voter at the polling station.”People of India are smarter than me and you here on the stage, they will do the right thing when the time comes, he said.”

“It’s not about religion, caste, or language. When you say I am the democratically elected government… it means, even those who didn’t vote for me, I am responsible for you, I am accountable for you, he said.Pilot added that the union government lacks empathy , compassion and accountability required for a dempcratically elected government.

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BJP mukt Maharashtra. Many states are already BJP mukt . Finally India will be BJP mukt. We do not want this undemocratic communal party to rule India. India should be secular, respecting constitutional rights of people, and not divide Indians on religion basis like BJP. Long live democratic India upholding constitutional rights of people. We do not want feudals like BJP 

1 Months ago

Wacko Jacko

article 370 ram mandir CAA NRC Uniform civil code population control ha ha ha 😂😜 agli baar 400 paar

1 Months ago


from when Indian Muslims r seculer??? when CAA or NRC had been come ,from this time they become seculer ,,, that is good but I request u to raise a voice against Pak or Bangladesh Hindus & kasmiri pandits outraging ,then we shall support u ,

1 Months ago

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