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Rajasthan: Assaulted by in-laws, woman walks naked to file complaint

Rajasthan: Assaulted by in-laws, woman walks naked to file complaint

13 May 2019

A disturbing incident, which shows women are treated as second class citizens, was reported from Rajasthan's Churu.

The woman, who was allegedly tortured by her in-laws, walked naked to the cops to file a complaint on Sunday. Her clothes were torn off by her in-laws.

After seeing the despicable state of the woman, onlookers filmed her, rather than helping her.

Here's what went down.

In absence of her husband, woman's in-laws tortured her

What happened

According to reports, the woman hails from Maharashtra and her husband works as a laborer in Assam.

Things took an ugly turn after the woman got into a verbal spat with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Allegedly the duo thrashed the victim and stripped her.

Upset with the torture, the woman walked towards the police station in the wretched state.

The woman is under police protection, a senior officer said


The woman has alleged that in recent past, whenever her husband was out of town, the in-laws tortured her.

Speaking about the case, Sujangarh ASP Sitaram Mahich confirmed the woman walked towards the station naked.

"She came to the police station in a naked state. She is under police protection and an FIR has been registered," the officer told ANI.

Police promised to take action if pictures are made viral


Mahich went on to say onlookers clicked pictures of the woman. "If pictures are found and if they have been made viral, in both the cases, appropriate legal action will be taken against those involved," he added. A human trafficking angle is also being probed.

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People lost their humanity... very sad.

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Rajasthani are known for stupidity

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