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Rajasekhar escapes unhurt

Senior Tollywood actor Rajasekhar was involved in an accident at the Outer Ring Road, Hyderabad, but has escaped unhurt.

Rajasekhar escapes unhurt

Senior actor Rajasekhar’s Mercedes Benz, which he was driving, drew a puncture close to Appa Junction at Pedda Golconda and hit the divider. The incident happened late in the night. According to the actor, the airbags opened immediately, helping him remain safe. A family travelling in their car from the opposite direction saw the incident and helped him come out of his vehicle. They then gave the actor a lift.

Jeevitha clarifies
Later in the morning, Rajasekhar’s wife Jeevitha explained about the accident and confirmed that the actor had indeed escaped unhurt and that a family in a car from the opposite direction offered him a lift. “Rajasekhar garu was returning home from RFC at about 1.30 am when the car tyre punctured and the car hit the divider. In the car that offered him a lift, he used one of the family member’s phones and immediately informed the police and me. We located and picked him up from somewhere in between as he rode with the other family,” says Jeevitha.

She also added that Rajasekhar was checked by the doctor and that the doctor found nothing but a small scratch on him. He was prescribed painkillers for the body pain. “This was definitely a major accident and it’s by God’s grace and the blessings of many well-wishers that he’s escaped unhurt,” adds Jeevitha, who also says that she’s in touch with the police.

The CI has apparently asked Rajasekhar to come to the station to give a statement after he recovers.

Rajasekhar’s mangled car after the accident

Did over-speeding cause the accident?
Incidentally, this is perhaps the fourth time Rajasekhar has met with such an accident. This is surely the third time the same vehicle has been fined for over speeding. The Hyderabad Traffic Police website clearly shows pictures of the vehicle, which has been fined for Rs 1,000 each on July 31, October 2 and October 18. There is, however, no mention of who the driver was during these occasions.

But some aspects about this case do seem strange. Both the actor and his wife claimed that Rajasekhar was returning home from RFC at 1.30 am. Even if you ignore that the actor chose to drive as late as that in the day, it is surprising that an actor like Rajasekhar chose not to carry any of his assistants at that time!

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