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Motivational speaker Sam Jacobs tells us his secrets to happiness and success

Sam Jacobs is still in high school but is a phenomenal success. He motivates his peers and an entire generation of students by sharing his journey with others. Sam today is a mentor to thousands of individuals as well as youngsters who aspire to succeed in their own field. Self-made individuals like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone have endorsed Sam’s ideas for growth, success, and happiness.

He began his journey by posting sport-based contents in his own YouTube channel. Sam also tried his hand at affiliate marketing before stumbling upon the idea of drop shipping.

Sam advises that the right frame of mind and the will to achieve one’s true potential pave the way for success. Sam uses social media as a tool to help others. Today, he has over 85 thousand followers on Instagram where he teaches people how to make money just like him. The youngster who has single-handedly sold out a 250-people event in NYC in over just 30 days considers Google and YouTube, two of his best friends.

Figuring it out how and where to put the right amount of work in a smart way is the key to breakthrough, Sam suggests. For him, creating an impact is more important than just merely increasing the monetary profit. Sam said, constant networking and the ability to be as much productive as one can are the two vital pillars of his success.

On a picture of himself with an electric blue sports car on his Instagram, Sam writes, “Live in the moment, feel your future and manifest your dreams. Remember though, you can write a thousand lists and make a million vision boards but if you don’t clearly feel what you want to experience, it will never truly manifest into form.”

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