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More insult for Punjab’s Aishwarya Rai by Salman Khan in presence of Asim Riaz’s parents with ‘pain in the neck’ comments in Bigg Boss grand finale

Salman Khan has been seen to be relentlessly humiliating Himanshi Khurana ever since she introduced herself as Punjab’s Aishwarya Rai. Salman was equally menacing even when Himanshi entered the Bigg Boss house as Asim Riaz’s connection and publicly insulted her while snubbing her on national TV. And if you thought Salman would change his behaviour towards the contestant from Punjab the grand finale episode, then you were blissfully mistaken.

More insult for Punjab’s Aishwarya Rai by Salman Khan in presence of Asim Riaz’s parents with ‘pain in the neck’ comments in Bigg Boss grand finale

Salman used the opportunity to hurl more insults as friends and relatives of Bigg Boss finalists watched the show from the audience gallery. Also present on the sets were Asim Riaz’s parents and brother. Himanshi’s romance with Asim has been one of the most talked-about episodes on social media.

Addressing Himanshi, Salman asked, “If you were to replace one contestant, who would that have been?” Himanshi replied immediately, “Paras (Chhabra).” This prompted Paras to make fun of Himanshi’s mannerisms. To which Himanshi said, “Shut up.”

Salman continued, “Himanshi, Asim proposed to you inside the house. Asim is coming out of the house shortly. He will go to Thailand straight away.” This drew a loud round of laughter even from Asim Riaz’s parents.

Salman asked Himanshi, “Did you touch (Asim Riaz’s) parents’ feet?” Himanshi said, “I gave them a hug.” Salman replied menacingly, “You thought you were hugging them, they felt you were a pain in the neck.” The Bollywood megastar then burst into laughter after completing his sentence.

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Himanshi Khurana had recently entered the Bigg Boss house as Asim Riaz’s connection. However, host Salman Khan was once again menacing towards her as he stopped her from speaking on national TV. This was a crude reminder of how the contestant from Punjab was treated by Salman when she entered the reality show the first time as a wild card contestant.

Many had concluded that Salman had not liked her claims to be the Aishwarya Rai of Punjab. Salman had reportedly dated Aishwarya for several years before they fell out spectacularly on a bitter note. He was later rumoured to be in a relationship with Katrina Kaif, who too split with him and began to date Ranbir Kapoor.

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It was very rude of Salman in this season by interfering in the personal life of any contestant, especially in case of Himanshi, continuously seems poking her for her last relationship, which seems really awkward and annoying, Salman has no right to make fun of someone's personal life ,should be more sensitive. Salman is continuously loosing his charm in every season of Big Boss, and this season was all time high.

1 Months ago

Maharana Pratap

Salman was seeing aishwarya rai in Himanshi khurana as she started dating vivek and Himanshi start dating asim Dil dukhta hai kuch bhi kaho 😂😂

1 Months ago


agr yaa ho to saman asked her k ye agr panjab ki katrina kaif to tum kaun n after dat she revealed k lok muze Kahate hai..salman to pure maje lete hai jb shahnaz khudko katrina bolti hai..jjane do ye season vaise b bahot unfair rha n sorry salman bt bahot disappointed hue viewers..maine to follow krna b chhod dia tha

1 Months ago

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