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Mantralaya canteen cuts down on use of sugar

Mumbai: At Mantralaya, there will be reduced sweetening of the pot or the cup that cheers. Keeping in mind the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in India, the manager of the canteen in Mantralaya has decided to cut down on the usage of sugar in tea and sweet items like sheera.

India is the diabetes capital of the world, with around 6.2 crore Indian sufferers and the Type 2 form of the disease being the most common condition.

Dadasaheb Khatal, general manager, said they have taken this step for the good of Mantralaya employees and visitors. “In view of the increasing diabetes cases in Mumbai, we have decided to consciously reduce the use of sugar in tea, coffee, and eatables,” he said.

Khatal said on a daily basis, they serve 10,000 cups of tea and 20 kgs of shira and they have decided to cut down the monthly consumption of sugar by 100 kgs or more.

“We need to encourage employees and visitors to lead a healthy life. If anyone requests extra sugar, we try to reason with them, and despite that if they insist on the extra sugar, we give it to them,” he added.

The average age of an Indian afflicted with diabetes is 43 and annually, around one million die every year due to diabetes-related conditions.

Diabetologists in Mumbai have welcomed the move, stating such a move was long overdue. In government offices, everyone has a habit of drinking tea, well-sweetened, at least 3-4 times a day and in the long run, their health is affected.

“If a similar move is made in all government offices, it will go a long way in creating awareness on diabetes,” said Dr Pradeep Gadge, diabetologist, Gadge Diabetes Centre.

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