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Know what is the most expensive substance of the universe?

If you think that there is no such thing in this world that the world's wealthiest and wealthy person can not afford, then you are wrong because the scientists have discovered a substance that is the largest of the universe Expensive matter is, you can not think about its price. Its 1 gm is so expensive that governments of many countries can not buy it together.

Know what is the most expensive substance of the universe?
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So in today's article you will tell me the name of this thing and in detail about it. Let us know that after all what is this substance and what is its specialty.

The name of this item is Antimatter . Antimatter is the most expensive substance of the universe, one gram is so expensive that government of many countries can not buy it together. The price of one gram of this is about 3,12,500 billion rupees.

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Where is the antimatter placed

According to NASA, antimatter is the most expensive substance of Brumand. And to make 1 milligram antimatter, it costs up to 250 million dollars. Earth does not require an antimatter, but scientists have created antimatter in the laboratories in a small amount, which is in NASA and can be none other than certain people.

 How is made antimatter

This antimatter was made in CERN's laboratory. In the natural form, the antimatter comes into existence on the Earth's atmosphere when the space waves come into Earth or it comes from the breakdown of radioactive substances. It does not come into existence on the ground due to its rapid destruction, but in outer space it is available only in large quantities, which can be seen with the help of state-of-the-art equipment.

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How is the antimatter generated

In the search of antimatter, scientists believe that the antimatter will be generated in the event of a wiring of a black hole by the wires in two parts. However, today they are not found in the surrounding universe, but according to the scientists, after the big bang of the universe, mater and antimatter were scattered everywhere. But the anti-particles collide with each other, and the enormous amount of energy comes out as gamma rays. And due to this collision most of the matter was destroyed and only a small amount of mater left. According to scientists estimates, the stars and galaxies located in this region, 50 million light-years away, and there is a possibility of getting an antimatter in this remote universe.

Use of antimatter

Antimatter is very useful in the form of renewed fuels, and it is also used in medical line, rocket fuel and nuclear weapon. Also, it is used in many radiation techniques. According to scientists, if these substances are found in sufficient quantities, then the problem of fuel can be overcome in the future and space travel can be very easy.

Apart from being costly, these substances are also very dangerous because if it is kept open or if you try to put a hand, then there are so many fatal radiations that will result in destruction.

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Alex Mercer

you fool.... antimatter is not present in NASA it's present in CERN.........don't give wrong information

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