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Israeli Defense Forces Posted Girl Selfie On Twitter, See

Israeli Defense Forces Posted Girl Selfie On Twitter, See
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Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) which is often very active on social media became the subject of discussion on a 'hot selfie' on Sunday. Actually a picture of a woman taking a selfie was posted from the Twitter account of the Israeli Defense Forces.

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On seeing the woman's picture Twitter atmosphere got heated and the speculation about the account being hacked started. A large number of people started trolling the Israeli army. A user named Michael tagged the Israeli army and said, 'Have you accidentally posted to the Israeli army's Twitter handle instead of your personal account?'

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After being trolled Israeli Defense Forces gave its clarification after about 30 minutes. Israeli Defense Forces said 'Hamas uses fake photos to create fake social media profiles to hack the phones of IDF soldiers. Hamas does not know that the Israeli intelligence agency has thwarted Hamas 'conspiracy and tracked down their malware and hacking its system.'

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Even after this clarification, people continued to troll Israeli Defense Forces on Twitter.

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Hamas is their enemy... well if zionists didn't started the settlement in our palestine, there would be no hamas, actually they started first and when we muslim started to counter attack, they started calling us terrorists

3 Months ago

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