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Huge creature found on the Woolacombe beach

Huge creature found on the Woolacombe beach
People have been left wondered after the discovery of a huge sea creature on a north Devon beach. One Richard Walden has made this discovery on Woolacombe beach on Saturday. Richard posted the pictures of his new finding on the Facebook group- A place in North Devon-asking if anyone had an idea about the new creature. He wrote in his post that the creature was up to 3 metres long and he suspected it to be a type of squid or octopus.

While some suggested that it was an eel, some suggested the photo might be of whale intestines and even an alien. This is not the first bizarre discovery on a Devon beach. Earlier during the summer, a blood-sucking sea lamprey was also found on Exmouth beach. Lamprey is usually found in Spain and Portugal and its number is supposed to be declining due to the growing pollution. It uses its sharp teeth to latch on to big animals to feed on their blood.

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