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How I went from ‘skinny dog’ to Hulk

A Brazilian bodybuilder, addicted to injecting synthol into his body, has shown off his absolutely mind-bending body transformation.

A Brazilian once nicknamed “skinny dog” has injected so much cosmetic filler into his body that he’s compared to the Incredible Hulk and He-Man.

But bodybuilder Valdir Segato is risking his life, pumping up his muscles with a dangerous concoction that he’s addicted to using, to transform his looks.

The 48-year-old, from Sao Paulo, boasts biceps boosted to a scary 23 inches, thanks to years of using — and abusing — synthol, a mixture of oil, alcohol and painkillers.

How I went from ‘skinny dog’ to Hulk

When you never skip arm day. Picture: Jam PressSource:Jam Press

Valdir regularly injects the oil mixture deep into his body, including his chest, biceps and shoulders, making his muscles swell and almost double in size.

Synthol is known to cause nerve damage, infections, ulcers, strokes and even death.

Despite doctors warning the bodybuilder that he could die from the dangerous practice, Valdir is determined to become the biggest guy in his street.

Valdir Segato as a boy. Picture: Jam PressSource:Jam Press

He shares his obsession with injecting the substance on his Instagram page, posting photos and videos of his pumped up body to his 18,600 followers.

His ultra pumped-up look is a far cry from black-and-white pics taken when he was a scrawny lad.

According to TN International, when Valdir was a child, he was so thin that pals nicknamed him “skinny dog”.

The website explains that as a youth, he became addicted to drugs and causing his weight to drop drastically.

From what he used to be. Picture: Jam PressSource:Jam Press

To now. Picture: Jam PressSource:Jam Press

But he now likes to have admirers on social media compare him to idols such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Hulk.

While some concerned followers have begged him to stop, saying he is making himself look “ugly”, others congratulate his fake muscular bulk, telling him “well done” for his “absolute beast of a transformation”.

Trying to find a shirt would be a challenge. Picture: Jam PressSource:Jam Press

His muscles are now twice as big as when he first started using the life-threatening substance back in 2013.

The construction worker isn’t the only bodybuilder dicing with death to enhance his looks.

Bodybuilder Kirill Tereshin, an ex-soldier who wanted to become a real-life Popeye, has recently had lumps of rotting muscle removed from his bulging arms.

Doesn’t look unnatural at all. Picture: Jam PressSource:Jam Press

The Russian 23-year-old, had been injecting his triceps and biceps with petroleum oil, which ended up saturating muscle tissue and blocking blood flow, according to his surgeon.

Dr Dmitry Melnikov said there’s been a tidal wave of women in Russia injecting themselves with petroleum jelly, to avoid the cost of plastic surgery.

“We have seen petroleum jelly injected into breasts, buttocks, and other parts of the female body. We are warning that it is extremely dangerous,” he said.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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he is using sinthol...later on bcm the cause of canser..so dont do this.

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