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Here's how you can get rid of beard dandruff

Here's how you can get rid of beard dandruff

26 Sep 2019

No matter where it appears, dandruff is troublesome. Not only does it affect your scalp, it can also ruin your facial hair.

Yes, beard dandruff is for real, and it can irritate and dry out the skin underneath.

However, it can be dealt with.

So, if you have started noticing flaks on your beard lately, here's how you can get rid of them.

Exfoliate: Get a beard brush to remove dead skin cells

Step 1

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells, including those that lead to dandruff.

Try using a beard brush with soft bristles- it will not only help you clear off dead skin cells but will also help distribute oils from your skin, making the hair of your beard softer and more manageable.

However, don't scrub too hard as it might worsen the dandruff.

Wash: Regularly shampoo your beard to knock off dandruff

Step 2

So you shampoo your scalp regularly, but don't care so much for your facial hair - not fair.

Try using a medicated shampoo to knock off dandruff from your beard.

Look for ingredients known to fight dandruff such as coal tar, tea tree oil, selenium sulfide, etc.

However, avoid using excessively hot water, as that could further dry out and irritate your skin.

Moisturize: Regularly apply a natural, good quality beard oil

Step 3

The final step is to keep your beard well moisturized. It will help hydrate and protect your skin.

Buy a natural, good quality beard oil, and apply it regularly to your beard.

Apply the moisturizer immediately after you're done cleansing/shampooing your beard.

To use, take a couple of drops of oil between your hands and massage it well into the skin under your beard.

However, if nothing works, contact a dermatologist


If you have tried all of these steps, but still have visible dandruff on your facial hair - perhaps it is time to seek professional help. So, see a dermatologist to find out the underlying cause of your dandruff and potential treatment.

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