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Have A Person Who Loves You This Way

Ignore those who always tell you that you are picky. Having set standards in your life is NOT being demanding.

Ignore those who tell you that what you are living in doesn't even exist in a fairy tale. Believing in your dreams and doing everything you can to realize them is no fantasy.

You do not have to settle for any kind of person. You can and deserve a wonderful love, that love that is worth making sacrifices, the real love.

Because if it's anything else, it's not worth wasting your time.

Have someone who loves you even though you're not perfect

He loves everything about you (including your faults) unconditionally.

Have A Person Who Loves You This Way
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Have someone who runs after you after conquering you

This guy doesn't believe that just because he has conquered you one day will have you forever in his life. He does his best to day by day conquer every space of his heart.

Have someone who knows the worst of you

Even if he has seen you crying for something without reason, desperate, angry and stressed, somehow he will still love you - even knowing his worst side.

Have someone who loves to love you

He does not hide his feelings but goes beyond what he feels his way: with kisses, tight hugs, words and gestures of affection.

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Have someone who makes you laugh

When you're stressed about something or someone who upset you, he has the knack of making you forget all your problems with just a few badly told jokes.

Have someone you want by your side, not someone you need

You do not need a man because your life is sufficiently filled with your own interests and passions. However, you choose to be with him, because he is a worthwhile person in your already full life.

Have someone who could hurt your heart - but doesn't

Sometimes we date nice people; they could leave our lives without hurting our hearts. Even if he's a nice guy, it's not someone you should marry.

Have someone you are so in love with, who wants to give you your heart entirely, to the point that he has the power to hurt you, but you don't because you love her to the same degree.

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Have who holds your hand

This is the kind of person who will want to be near you.

Have someone who chooses you every day.

He does not stay with you, day after day, just because you are there, he consciously chooses to stay and assumes all the consequences that come with that choice. Even when those consequences are negative, he chooses you again the next day.

Have someone who doesn't make her fight to be with him but makes her want to work for the relationship

You don't have to play games where it is difficult, you never need to deserve your affection. But you still try hard because you want to work on your relationship with him.

Have someone who is afraid of losing you

You need a man who is afraid of losing her. So much, that he would do anything to stay with you (and do).

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Have someone you want to see every day

There isn't a day that doesn't get better with his presence. Any song sounds better when you listen to it and all activities are more fun when you are together.

Have someone who doesn't try to change you

He likes you just as you are, yet you keep evolving because being with him makes you want to be an even better version of yourself.

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what'sinthe name

having this kind of person in your life is blessing..🌸

7 Months ago


maybe someone like this exists in this world

7 Months ago

Maharana Pratap

Good gods gift if it happens then ur on the moon honey

7 Months ago

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