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Grandad becomes unlikely face for jeans after viral advert

The grandad took the saucy pics for the advert as “it’s all about the way you wear the jeans that makes people want to buy them.”

A grandad has gone viral after posting a saucy advertisement on Facebook to sell a pair of regular jeans.

Mario Graziano, 54, posted to Facebook “Man jeans for sale 34 waist length 32 length” and included some rather sexual images to accompany the description.

In the most recent advertisement, the acid-wash jeans were available for a bargain price of £25 ($A47), but the grandfather has actually been selling jeans online for years.

Grandad becomes unlikely face for jeans after viral advert

Mr Graziano’s latest Facebook advert selling the jeans.Source:Facebook

The self-described Italian Stallion told Metro that the viral posts began after he noticed people looking at him while he walked the streets in the jeans.

“One day I decided to put it on eBay and I had 1000, 2000 people watching it. That’s how I started my procedure on marketstore,” he said.

The dad-of-two said the first pair of jeans he bought were like something from Strictly Come Dancing, but it was the way he modelled the jeans that took him viral.

“From my point of view, it’s the way you wear it and if the people like it, they’re going to buy it,” he said.

The unusual advertising method has worked well for Mr Graziano, who told his Facebook followers in December that he had managed to sell more than 36 trousers to countries as far away as Italy, Canada and even Australia.

The Italian Stallion aims to branch out beyond jeans.Source:Facebook

In fact, Mr Graziano claims to receive up to 2000 messages a day and says he now gets stopped in the street from people recognising him.

It doesn’t matter where I’m going, people stop me and say, ‘Are you the guy from Facebook?’” he said.

The adverts have been so successful that Mr Graziano, whose regular job is selling plants at a market in Plymouth, is looking to branch out into other garments.

“All my trousing are ready to go, and basically I will do some more trousing next week or following weeks and very soon the summer is coming in and I’ll be selling lots of underwear, boxer shorts, jeans, swimming costume and of course my favourite love and affection, the plants,” he said.

Mr Graziano did appear on two UK shows, Getaway Car and Keeping the Family.Source:Facebook

Mr Graziano told Wales Online that he had been asked to star on both Big Brother UK and UK show Judge Rinder, but he had declined the opportunities.

“I wanted to go on Big Brother but the girlfriend said, ‘No you cannot go on Big Brother because there is going to be sex in there’,” he said.

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