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Good News : Now, Redmi Note 5 Pro will get everyone, Xiaomi gets better

Good News : Now, Redmi Note 5 Pro will get everyone, Xiaomi gets better
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Xiaomi, Xiaomi and Xiaomi. Friends have good news here For you people, if you are a Xiaomi user. If you want to buy Radmi Note 5 Pro or you want to be a Xiaomi user and if you can not buy Xiaomi phone from Flash Sale, then read this post full. If you have good news for people then let's start.

Friends, all of you know that as soon as Jio came in this telecom field, it has been good for us since then. Similarly, since Xiaomi has come into the field of smartphones, we have got to enjoy it. To talk about some time ago today, bigger companies in our country used to sell their phones which were very expensive. I do not want to take the names of those companies but if I talk, Xiaomi's Xiaomi has revolutionized the smartphone world. Xiaomi said that the real price of the smartphone is and its phone is so much better. There is no duality on this, and in the right price, the biggest problem of Xiaomi is that whenever a new phone comes, the flash comes from the sale, which makes people suffer.

But friends are also a region to sell flash. Flash costs fall from mobile to mobile. Because it does not go to retailer to sell. Whereby the retailer's margins are saved and delivered to the mobile direct customer, this is the reason for the flash sale.

But this will not happen anymore because Manu Jain, who is the Vice Managing Director of Global Xiaomi, has taken a new step. That is why he stopped Cash On Delivery of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro on Flipkart. There will definitely be some impact on black marketing, as many retailers used to book 5 to 6 phones, they had an impact on them and now Flipkart will be given only one phone to a user with a mail ID, but friends from Black Marketing It is not going to make any difference because today's time all people have many email IDs and credit cards, so that more than one phone book can be booked. It has to be done a bit more.

Friends, Manu Jain has also said that address verification on Flipkart will also be done. Only one phone will be delivered at one address. Which would be that black marketing will stop and friends have the greatest good news that now Xiaomi will bring Redmi Note 5 Pro with double quantity in the sale, where 5 out of the 10 people got mobile, now 10 out of 10 9 people will get mobile

Friends, I believe that Xiaomi should trace the IP address. Only one mobile should be delivered on an IP address, because if a person changes the IP address, then he needs a new WiFi connection and a new IP address. It is a bit difficult to do.

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you mean sufficient stock in market and shop will demand premium on MRP? yesterday evening I was told on amount of Rs.3,000 for Redmi Note 5 Pro. if black marketing is really discouraged as stated, tell shop name where I can go and buy today only.

2 Years ago


y should we wait... honor is there

2 Years ago


I am happy ,today I successfully ordered on flipkart

2 Years ago

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