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Gifting Guide: 15 Types Of Rakhi For Your Brother

Rakshah Bandhan is so close and we’re sure there are a lot of you who still haven’t bought a rakhi for their loving brothers. It’s so tough to choose. Isn’t it?

Worry no more! Let us tell you about the best types of Rakhis and help you choose.

1.Gota Rakhi

Gifting Guide: 15 Types Of Rakhi For Your Brother

It’s just what it says. It’s the sacred thread made out of gota and is very popular in and around Punjab. The gota rakhis are usually used in pairs where you tie one to your brother and one to your bhabhi. 

2. Lumba Rakhi


Another rakhi that’s specifically for the bhabhi is the lumba rakhi. The rakhi signifies the strength of the bond between you and your bhabhi.

3. Rakhi Bands


For the brother who is going through his teenage and who would probably feel embarrassed to have a fancy rakhi on his wrist, you can pick Rakhi bands which he can actually flaunt. Such bands go with the funky styles of teenage boys and are very popular among them.

4. Crochet Rakhi


Here’s a rakhi you can make even yourself! Crochet is an art that many women in India practice and if you know how to do it, you can make such a rakhi for your brother yourself in no time. He’ll admire the effort and love you put into it.

5. Stone Rakhi


Here’s a rakhi which will look good on your brother and once he’s done wearing it, you can use it for yourself. Stone rakhis are very popular amongst the sisters who want to reuse what they get for their brothers.

6. Brooch Rakhi


This rakhi has become very popular in the recent times. This year, they have made huge sales. A brooch rakhi with a quote that helps your brother flaunt his personality or your love for him will be a great pick. 

7. Mauli Rakhi


Mauli is considered an auspicious thread in the Hindu religion. The color and aesthetics of this sacred thread make it a very appeasing option for this festival. Such rakhis are inexpensive and very comfortable to wear.

8. Stone Rakhi


When your baby brother grows up, you kind of go out of options for picking a cool rakhi for him. You don’t want him to take it off quick out of embarrassment. Hence, several rakhi designs have been made that ensure your brother loves the rakhi so much that he wears it for a long time after that. Therefore, a single stone rakhi is a great option.

9. Cartoon Rakhi


Such a rakhi is perfect for your baby brother. If your brother is anywhere between 4-12 years old, he’ll love it.

10. Rose or Lotus Rakhi


Such rakhis have a rose or lotus in the middle of the rakhi thread. The flowers signify the beauty of the relationship between a brother and a sister.

11. Polki Diamond Rakhi


Just like gota rakhi, it’s a traditional rakhi glorified with a regional art form. Polki rakhi is typically a diamond rakhi but like any polki jewellery, it consists of unfinished diamonds and looks the best in its raw form. 

12. Colourful Rakhi


Yes, it will be a wise idea to go beyond the standard rakhi colors. This year, experiment with cool pleasing colors. 

13. Silk thread Rakhi


This is the basic rakhi which you can pick if you can’t decide on anything else.

14. Rudraksha Rakhi


Rudraksha is considered very pure in Indian tradition. Wearing a Rudraksha bead can protect you from evils. A rudraksha rakhi is a great pick for its significance in Hindu religion.

15. Gold/Silver Rakhi


If you don’t have any budget constraints, you can gift your brother a gold or a silver rakhi. Go for a gold or silver coin in the centre and a thin gold or silver chain respectively. If your brother has anger issues, it will be wise to gift him silver rakhi for it’s believed that wearing silver calms you down.

These are the top 15 types of rakhi. While picking a rakhi, keep in mind to think what your brother would like wearing and choose accordingly.

A very Happy Rakshah Bandhan to you :)

Do let us know which Rakhi you will choose! 

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