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Fitness Bombshell Katelyn Runck Sizzles & Shows Off Chiseled Abs As She Asks Fans To Pick A Favorite Pose

Fitness Bombshell Katelyn Runck Sizzles & Shows Off Chiseled Abs As She Asks Fans To Pick A Favorite Pose
Katelyn Runck/Instagram

Stunning fitness model is known in large part for her insane abdominals and she showed why those abs are so noteworthy in her latest Instagram post. Runck actually included eight photos in this Friday morning post and they all generated a lot of buzz among her followers. There is no question, however, that the first snap was especially jaw-dropping.

In her caption, Runck shared with her followers that she would be at a fitness expo next weekend in Los Angeles. Seemingly in an effort to hype that appearance, she put together this array of eight photos and asked her followers to let her know which one was their favorite. By the looks of things, people had a tough time picking just one.

In the first photo of Runck’s new post, the 28-year-old fitness instructor wore grey leggings and a black-and-white workout crop top. The model had her long, dark hair pulled back away from her face and she looked down at her phenomenal abs as she showcased her defined muscles. To make sure that people didn’t miss anything, she held her top and breasts up slightly to show every inch of her midriff.

The subsequent photos in Runck’s post showed her in various settings and striking a number of different poses. Most of the shots also showcased the trainer’s jaw-dropping abs, although the first photo was perhaps the most stunning and inspirational.

Many of the snaps showed Runck in leggings and workout bras. Then, there one that showed her in coral shorts from behind so she could flaunt her pert derriere and it seems that fans took quite a liking to that one as well. There was also one bikini photo in there that surely raised everybody’s heart rates.

Runck has built an Instagram following of 1.9 million fans and they were not shy about showing their love for this set of snaps. Within just an hour, the post already had more than 17,000 likes. More than 900 comments came in during that first hour as well and they were filled with admiration and praise.

“Wow!!! You are so incredibly gorgeous!!!” declared one of Runck’s fans.

“All are Perfectly Beautiful. Looking Great Gorgeous,” wrote an impressed supporter.

“Wow… those washboard abs though,” praised another follower.

“You are an inspiration to so many people,” a different fan shared.

While tend to be especially popular with her Instagram followers, it looks like they have a lot of love for anything sexy she chooses to share. In this new Friday set of photos, the gorgeous fitness model gave her fans a little bit of everything and there was no shortage of love for the impressive array of looks.

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