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Do you know, Ayurvedic treatment with turmeric

Do you know, Ayurvedic treatment with turmeric
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• Mixing a spoonful of turmeric powder in a glass of warm sweet milk helps in internal injury of the body.

• Haldi mixed with sweetened hot milk daily for five consecutive days, mouth acne recovers.

• Taking a pinch of turmeric daily increases hunger. It also benefits the intestines by consuming it.

• Turmeric destroys the parasite bacteria of the skin.

• Prepare a paste by mixing turmeric tumors with water and prior to its boiling bath. In a week you will get a clean look in the skin.

• In a small turmeric add a cup of coffee, mixed with a little mustard oil, remove the diseases on the skin by preparing the coating.

• Soak granulated chickpea turmeric in fresh cream and put it on face and hands. Rubbing and drying after drying Clean the face with lukewarm water. The skin will bloom.

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