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Did You know? Huawei has a vast business empire outside of smartphones and telecom

Whenever someone hears about Huawei, things that would come across their mind include smartphones and telecommunication equipment. However, the company owns and operates a wide variety of side businesses, which range from hotels to food and wine. Interestingly, most of the said side businesses cater mainly to Huawei employees and customers while services provide by some can be availed by the general public.

Even though Huawei generates a revenue greater that $ 100 billion and has over 180,000 employees, it still has elements of what can be called a family run business. The members of Huawei CEO, Ren Zhengfei’s family play crucial role in running the previously mentioned side business which aren’t linked to the telecom sector.

Did You know? Huawei has a vast business empire outside of smartphones and telecom

While most of us know about, Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, the chief financial officer of Huawei who became widely known after her arrest in Canada last year; much less is known about Ren’s wife, son and brother.

Steven Ren Shulu who is 63 years old is the younger brother of Ren. While the Huawei website addresses him as the Chief Logistics Officer at the company, he also oversees construction, catering and hospitality businesses.

One notable construction includes the lush Songshan Lake campus in Dongguan which is expected to be finished by 2023. The campus will be office to 25,000 Huawei employees, all of which will also have apartment block in the space.

Ren Zhengfei’s son is Ren Ping who is 44 years old. He is the man in-charge of Shenzhen Smartcom Business Co. Limited which is a company subsidiary that holds more than a dozen hotels and services apartments in multiple countries including South Africa, China, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. As previously mentioned, most of these properties serve Huawei employees and clients only; while some, out of which one is, Amber House in Nanjing – can be booked by anyone online.

He is also the president of Shanghai Mossel Trade Co Ltd, a subsidiary where Ren Zhengfei’s wife also works, according to Chinese company registration records. The company deals in imported foods which includes premium beef, fine rice and Huawei-lableled wines.

In the year 2010, when Mossel was established, news and media houses questioned “why would an IT company that has over $ 100 billion in revenue get into business of selling edibles”. While Huawei did not give out any answers, a staff member of the Guardian newspaper claimed that the enterprise was established after the company took part-payment in the form of wine and beef from an Argentinian customer who was seeking to avoid currency controls.

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The company CEO has stated on multiple occasions that none of his family members, including duaghter, Sabrina Meng, would succeed him as Huawei CEO. Moreover, reporters of the news agency, Reuters have questioned numerous company employees whether they have any resentment about role of Ren’s family members.

One exectutive who refused to reveal his identity said:

I don’t care what the boss’s family does as long as I get my pay and dividends

All in all, Huawei seems like an uncovnetional company that does not beleive in succession by family members. Having said that, it somehow gives them power to manage side businesses.


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