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Death of Indian Journalism with Demise of Sridevi

It is truth that Bollywood superstar Sridevi's death has shaken India; it is not just the unexpectedness of her death that has left people reeling. Coming to the main topic which we are dealing in this article, the Indian media has revealed the worst excesses in its coverage of Sridevi's death and people are shocked at how low TV channels have stooped for ratings and publicity. When it was earlier reported that Sridevi died after 'cardiac arrest' in Dubai, TV talk shows held lengthy discussions about the state of the late actor's health.

 Right after the news about Sri Devi’s demise has come out , a lot of conjecture that floated about on social media like the rumors of her consuming diet pills, at the same time news circulated about having weight reduction surgery, following a strict diet, all these assumptions made it to prime time discussions among 'analysts', instead of all these, there should have been wait for her official postmortem report, which revealed that Sridevi died due to accidental drowning after a loss of consciousness

Death of Indian Journalism with Demise of Sridevi
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You would have got the worst feeling on media If you were anywhere near a TV, the shocking news has elevated scurrilous rumor over reportage. Almost all top channels have scraped the bottom of the barrel in the hours since Sridevi died in the bathtub of her Dubai hotel room on Saturday night. Actually, it was a heart attack that supposedly killed her after the wedding party; television ran programs based entirely on unsubstantiated conjecture.

Analysts on national news channels expressed that the yesteryear beauty was in danger from fat burners or any other chemicals. All the anchors hastened to clarify that this was not about any specific issue; it is merely about the pressures of the beauty industry on a middle-aged woman in a vain industry. Surprisingly, all the programs held during those few days didn’t fool the viewers, as cosmetic surgeons were pushed onto the evening news to mindlessly gab on.

Many people felt deeply embarrassed and we are sure television channels have done the Shows have done shows which they are not super proud of. One channel has framed the sequence of events leading up to her final hours by showing a floating Sridevi in a bathtub.

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 After Dubai media reported that the forensic report said there were “traces of alcohol” in her blood, analysts in television shows interviewed friends of the family on whether Sridevi usually drank red wine or some other drink. The new about her drinking is the perfect piece of cheese for the media to unleash morality judgments and wild speculations driven by the kind of double standards that are reserved for women.

The celebrity death was discussed and exploited by experts and editors on several channels who cared little for real reporting that was drowned in untruth crooked spin. We must say here that Indian television has lost its reputation in those 72 hours. From now onwards, it would be better if media conducts televisions shows or analysis after knowing what is right and what is wrong.

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