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Coronavirus lockdowns have caused the Earth to effectively stop shaking

Coronavirus lockdowns around the world are having an impact on the environment and have caused the Earth to effectively stop shaking.

Coronavirus lockdowns have caused the Earth to effectively stop shaking

Coronavirus lockdowns are having an incredible impact on Earth. Picture: AFP/ESA/ HUBBLE/NASA/ M. KORNMESSERSource:AFP

The coronavirus pandemic has left most of the world’s major cities, including London, New York and others, empty. It’s also having one surprising effect on the planet as well.

The Earth has essentially stopped vibrating.

With travel effectively ground to a halt, seismologists around the globe have reported a drop in seismic noise, according to an article in the scientific journal Nature.

Researchers say the drop in activity, usually only seen to this magnitude around Christmas, could help experts find smaller earthquakes and monitor volcanic activity more effectively.

Coronavirus lockdowns have caused the Earth to effectively stop shaking. Picture: The National Geophysical Data CenterSource:istock

“You’ll get a signal with less noise on top, allowing you to squeeze a little more information out of those events,” Andy Frassetto, a seismologist at the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology in Washington, D.C., told Nature

“There’s a big chance indeed it could lead to better measurements,” Thomas Lecocq, a seismologist at the Royal Observatory of Belgium, added.

Lecocq told CNN that Brussels was seeing a 30 to 50 per cent reduction in ambient noise since it went on lockdown in the middle of March.

The Royal Observatory made sure to note the Earth was “still shaking,” just at a significantly smaller measure.

On March 27, the data from the observatory was even clearer, showing the changes in the Earth’s movement.

Researchers in other parts of the globe, including in Los Angeles and West London, U.K., noticed a similar occurrence, Nature added.

Venice canals are clearer because there are no gondolas and boats buzzing about. Picture: Andrea Pattaro/AFPSource:AFP

The environmental benefits of countries being in lock down across the world have caused many to rejoice.

From clearer water in Venice to blue skies in Beijing, the world is seeing a positive benefit on the environment as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

But experts are warning not to call it a silver lining, saying things will no doubt return to normal, with pollution levels even returning with a vengeance.

They also say reductions in pollution and emissions should be done without ruining economies.

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good news for the earth and the pollution levels are aslo decresing

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