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Chandrayaan 2 sent the first photo of the Earth, do not forget to click and see

Chandrayaan 2 sent the first photo of the Earth, do not forget to click and see
Third party image reference

FILMI LIFE : In today's article, we will discuss about the first photo of Earth recently sent from Chandrayaan 2. The photo which is becoming very viral on the Internet these days. We hope you will like all the pictures shown by us and you will definitely share them with all your loved ones. So let's look at this with these pictures of the Earth which have recently been sent from Chandrayaan 2.

This is the picture that is becoming very viral on social media these days and it is being told with the caption that this is the first picture of Earth sent from Chandrayaan 2. These pictures look very beautiful and adorable but the truth related to them is something else.

Third party image reference

For your information, tell us that ISRO has installed Chandrayaan 2 at the south pole of the moon, through which it can detect life on the moon. Along with this, all the information related to Chandrayaan is shared on an official Twitter account created by ISRO, but still no pictures have been shared on this account. Rather, it has been learned so far that Chandrayaan has entered the second orbit of the Moon.

Third party image reference

These days, pictures of Prithvi going viral on social media were searched by the team of Live Hindustan, then it was found that these photos were taken from an article published in the year 2017, The Telegraph.

All these pictures are not taken from a single article, rather some of them are from an animated video called Light over the Morning Earth.

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Source : Hindustan Times

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kuch bhi mat dikha frod sale ullu kahikr Tera bad gaya tha kya pic khichneko real dikha 😠

6 Months ago


these are fake images... why are you posting wrong facts.

6 Months ago


neem ka patta kadwa hai filmi life ki admin Bhadwa hai

6 Months ago

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