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Bride’s incredible shred after 57 kilo weight loss

Chelsey Goold lost 57kg after managing to kick a huge habit to walk down the aisle looking like a completely different woman.

Before her incredible transformation Chelsey Goold dreaded the thought of walking down the aisle.

The student, 24, was a size 20 and weighed 114kg after spending at least $18,000 on takeaway meals a year and eating two dinners every night.

Knowing she had to make changes, Chelsey — from Scotland in the UK — overhauled her diet and underwent a gastric sleeve operation which helped her lose a staggering 57kg.

Chelsey’s weight had gotten out of control when she began emotionally eating to cope with a bad relationship with her ex.

“I have always had problems with my weight and due to the situation with my ex, it was made worse,” she told The Sun.

Bride’s incredible shred after 57 kilo weight loss

Chelsey Goold was a size 20 and weighed 114 kilos. Picture: Kennedy NewsSource:Kennedy News and Media

“The relationship triggered me to put on weight. I was eating takeaways all the time and snacking on sweets and chocolate.”

She would turn to curries and McDonald’s meals to cope but eventually released that her relationship — and eating habits — weren’t healthy.

Chelsey ended the bad romance and set out to overhaul her lifestyle, meeting her now-husband Owen in May 2018 on a dating website.

She lost 12kg through dieting and got a gastric band inserted in September last year which enabled her to lose the rest.

She’s been able to lose an incredible 57 kilos. Picture: Kennedy NewsSource:Kennedy News and Media

Before tying the knot in July this year, Chelsey couldn’t believe that she was able to fit into a size 16 dress.

“My wedding dress was ordered from America and it arrived just four weeks before the wedding,” she said.

“It was altered around three weeks before the big day to a size 12. On the day I felt amazing. I have much more self worth and confidence now.”

For Chelsey, it meant her wedding day to Owen, 30, was perfect, with everyone complimenting her on how good she looked.

“Wearing my wedding dress after losing all that weight felt amazing. I was so surprised when it fit,” she said.

“Being told I looked stunning all day took a bit of getting used to, to be honest.”

Owen said he is so proud of how far his wife has come in her weight loss journey thanks to her determination.

The weight loss enabled Chelsey to have the wedding of her dreams. Picture: Kennedy NewsSource:Kennedy News and Media

“She has done so well. (It’s) made her more confident and she has a new outlook on life as she is trying and experiencing new challenges in life, such as wearing bikinis and clothes that are a better fit,” he said.

“I see a more vibrant outgoing and a I can do anything Chelsey attitude, I’m so proud of her.”

Chelsey believes that not only did losing weight help her get out of an unhealthy relationship and meet her now-husband, it also saved her life.

“Before I couldn’t walk even a few steps. I can even tie my shoelaces again. I can now walk without turning red and getting out of breath,” she said.

“I saved myself from a heart attack. I’m ashamed of how I used to be. Now, I feel like a normal person again and have such a healthier life.”

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