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Bollywood actor Amit Purohit's sudden death shocked everyone, read more

Bollywood actor Amit Purohit's sudden death shocked everyone, read more
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There are several actors in the film industry who died young. Today in this article, I am going to tell you about a famous Bollywood actor who died some days ago. I am talking about so familiar face Amit Purohit. Yes, Bollywood actor Amit Purohit's sudden Death shocked everyone.

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This time, bad news came from the film industry. South Indian and Bollywood actor Amit Purohit have died. Amit Purohit's health was very good and no one knows the reason for his sudden death. Doctors told the reason for his death was a heart attack. He was a very good actor who worked in several Bollywood movie.

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Amit was born in 1984 and he died in July 2019. He was only 35 years old. Amit was also very famous for his TV serials and his death shocked everyone in the film industry. Everyone is praying for him and giving him good wishes for the afterlife.

So, tell us what do you think about this actor. Hope you like this article. Follow us for more.

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Kattu Battu

thoda to sharam karo yaar .jo zinda hai unko Q mar daal rahe ho ,i jo mar hai uska tasvir nahi hai to tumhara khudka daal nahi to apne ghar waale ka daalte .. kitna pagal ho thuuuu teri jaatka

11 Months ago


Bhai agar aadmi theek se pehchanta nahi to bakchodi maat kia kar

11 Months ago


It’s sudheer babu... Tollywood actor... had played villain in baaghi movie

11 Months ago

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