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Bold pics of Sridevi's daughter in long top went viral on Internet. Fans trolled her.

Late actress Sridevi’s daughter Janhvi Kapoor was instant hit after her film Dhadak, and now Janhvi has entered in the list of celebrities. And just like any other star, she was also trolled for her attire. Recently Janhvi’s casual look was all about comfort, but it didn’t go well with fans. After wearing a pink floral dress at an event yesterday, Janhvi chose a comfortable dress. But fans mercilessly trolled Janhvi for donning a neon pink tee-shirt and black-short.

Bold pics of Sridevi's daughter in long top went viral on Internet. Fans trolled her.
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For your information, let us tell you that recently Janhvi Kapoor was spotted on the streets, during this time Janhvi Kapoor was wearing a long t-shirt in pink color but people did not like her dressing sense. They trolled her on her instagram and internet.

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Janhvi Kapoor was very much trolled on social media for her dressing sense, some people said that she do not know the meaning of pant, others wrote, Janhvi Kapoor forgot to wear pants only.

Earlier, during the promotions of Dhadak, Janhvi was trolled for donning a short, white dress. Janhvi’s brother Arjun Kapoor, replying to the trolls said, ‘’2 trolls write a comment n for the web team of a big newspaper it’s a news story… slow clap ridiculous how trolls are given attention by the media & they wait for us to retaliate…the lesser the stories the lesser the trolls win…’’

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Altought she has sexy legs, Let us tell you that Janhvi Kapoor falls prey to the social media trolls of her dressing sense & we came to know that Janhvi Kapoor was repeatedly downing her t-shirt & was also feeling uncomfortable in such a dress which you can see in her pictures.

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I Think This girl has forgot The Indian culture Are She has left Every thing On Her feet That's it

25 Days ago


better that if didn't wearing dress

25 Days ago


If film gets flopped they start exposing

25 Days ago

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